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The high point is crossing over the saddle Forcella del Lago (2,486m / 8,156') to reach the Alpe di Lagazuoi, and on to the peak of the Lagazuoi Piccolo at 2752 m (9,029'). The entire drive was a downpour. Hike north to south on this classic high route, watching the spectacular angles of these wondrous mountains change right before your eyes! Trek the Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites – 9 days, almost 77 kilometers (48 miles), and some of the most breathtaking scenery in these incredible Italian Alps. The Alta Via 1, also known as the Dolomite High Route 1, is one of Italy's most famous trekking trails. 5km or about 3.5 hours. Depart from Rifugio Fanes (2,060m / 6,759'), hiking south on gentle curves out of a steep valley (or on steeper shorcuts) on path n.10 /11 / Alta Via n.1 to to Passo di Limo (2,172m / 7,126'). Beginning hiking the trail – timing for the first day. I had a car waiting to drive me the 3 hours to the start of the hike at Lago di Braies in Pragster Wildsee. 9 Days / 8 Nights from € 1.230 pp. After yesterday’s challenges, you’ll indulge a more relaxing itinerary hiking along the classic Alta Via 1 trail through the Alpe di Fanes Grande (no via ferrata today!). Map Of Italy Regions Italy Map Italy Travel Hiking Routes Hiking Europe Hiking Maps Trekking Holidays Italy Summer Country Walk. This is a very approachable multi-day hike, perfect for people getting acquainted … Italian Expedition: Alta Via 1. per hour and 400 m. … Place of serene beauty, it constitutes a stopping point of the Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 1 . The first section of the Alta Via 1 begins at … The breathtaking landscapes, beauty and mystique of Italy have inspired, captivated and charmed people for centuries — from writers to hikers and beyond. Once you are out of the valley, you will find the beautiful Lago di Limo on your left (to the east). This is a 150 km long public footpath which means that it is one of the longest in Italy. 1 week Alta Via 1 trek in the Dolomites. Our itinerary links the very best sections of this challenging route to make it accessible to seasoned walkers. Alta Via 1 Itinerary Comparison Alta Via #1 (Day 1): Lago Di Braies to Rifugio Sennes Hutte. July 20 – August 31 is the high (busiest) season. This stunning hike takes in the highlights of the Alta Via 2, big sister of the Alta Via 1 in the Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites are a series of individual, self-contained, pale-colored, limestone rock formations. Alta Via 1 Southern Trek is available as a private tour with a mountain guide and as a self-guided trip according to an itinerary and hiking schedule prepared by us. The route follows well-maintained, marked trails and excludes via-ferratas. The Dolomites are usually warmer and receive less precipitation than the rest of the Alps. Sample Daily Itinerary. Our itineraries are well-proven and our logistics are top-class, whether you choose one of our guided or self-guided itineraries. Join Emma, UIMLA mountain leader on this 1 week Alta Via 1 trek in the Dolomites and discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Altavia delle Dolomiti 1 [AV1] - Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Alta Via 1 - Map, Difficulty, and Route on the Italian Dolomites 19-06-2020. This planning guide gives you the facts you need to know to get on the Dolomites Alta Via 2. The Alta Via N.1 is a fantastic trek, highlighted by breathtaking views, rustic and lively mountain refuges, a sense of excitement of what lies around the next bend or the next pass, and the satisfaction of traveling by foot through this beautiful and remote area. In the recent period Dolomites the Alta Via 1 hiking trail is getting quite popular among hikers from all over the world. Our Alta Via 1 trek start and finish in Cortina! The Sommariva refuge (1857 m asl) Al Pramperet is located in a pleasant and welcoming building located in the large meadow basin largely covered by pines of Pra de la Vedova, on the northern edge of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. One of the most famous hut-to-hut routes in the Dolomites, the Alta Via 1 is a visual feast, a gorgeous hike through rugged territory. For those who arrive by plane and want to begin walking on the… Some hikers know this trail as Dolomite High Route 1. The Alta Via 1 is the flagship high-level route in the Dolomites. Note: In reviewing our sample itinerary to walk the northern section of the Alta Via, we realize that a journey on AV1 means some unavoidable long mileage days, optional peaks passed up, and historical sections we might have to give short shrift to. 20. Alta Via 1 seems to be easier and more crowded, whereas Alta Via 2 is more rugged and hence less walked. Our guided Alta Via 1 tour meets in Brunico, near the picturesque Lago di Braies, and leads us on a high, rocky adventure to remote mountain huts and past jagged, memorable mountains to the Belluno Dolomites. Guidebook Trekking in the Dolomites: Alta Via routes 1 and 2, with Alta Via Routes 3-6 in Outline by Gillian Price ($23; Guide service Holimites offers custom guided and self-guided itineraries, starting at €975 ( Saved by Christina Peeters. Answer 1 of 35: My girlfriend and I will have nine days, starting on September 6, 2018, to hike either the Alta Via 1 or the first half of the Alta Via 2 (until Rifugio Rosetta) and are having a difficult time deciding which to do. Staying in some of the best The Alta Via 1 is a multi-day hike through the Italian Dolomites, North to South. The itinerary allows for a relaxed pace, and on the shorter days there will be time to explore the locality around the refuge, or to relax and enjoy the views. A few huts are open early June through the early October (Alta Via 1 and Hiking Traverse). And what a start it is—an extraordinarily beautiful azure-blue lake which reflects the peaks above—a good sign of experiences to come on the trail ahead! It is located in the eastern part of the Dolomites in Italy. The mountains beckon, and the start of the Alta Via 1 is a short bus journey away, at Lake Braies. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS devices. The Dolomites are a region of the Alps famed for towering limestone formations; luckily for trekkers there is also a network of charming mountain huts. An introduction to the Alta Via 1 which is a 10-day trek through the Italian Dolomotes on a linear route from Dobbiaco to Belluno. Alta Via 1 Self-guided 7-day Itinerary This itinerary is likely to vary based on the availability of the accommodations *Estimated time is based on a pace of 4.2 km. I flew into Venice Marco Polo airport on a red eye on a Saturday in early September, arriving at 10:30 AM. The Alta Via 1 is a long-distance hiking trail in the Italian Dolomites in Northern Italy, starting at Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee) in South Tyrol and ending at the La Pissa bus stop near Belluno. Alta Via 1 & its rifugios. It is purely a walk, without via ferrata sections, but with some wild situations and some demanding terrain. Answer 21 of 35: My girlfriend and I will have nine days, starting on September 6, 2018, to hike either the Alta Via 1 or the first half of the Alta Via 2 (until Rifugio Rosetta) and are having a difficult time deciding which to do. Lago Di Braes to Rifugio Biella. Dolomite High Route (Alta Via 1) - 9 Days Experience the most breathtaking scenery in the incredible Italian Alps Trek the Alta Via N.1 of the Dolomites – 9 days, almost 77 kilometers (48 miles), and some of the most breathtaking scenery in these incredible Italian Alps.

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