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If you plan on watering a 3,900 square feet yard or a 350 a square feet yard, this oscillating sprinkler has you covered regardless. They were selected based on their abilities, features, and how well they can handle your turf. A durable lawn sprinkler with customizable coverage patterns, 16 clog-resistant nozzles and super range width control to cover up to 3600 ft. An affordable lawn sprinkler with 3-way adjustability, 20 precision rubber nozzles, built-in flow control, Turbo-Drive motor and a coverage area of 4,500 sq.ft. ft. area with TwinTouch adjustability that allow you to set coverage exactly where it's needed. The easy-to-use TwinTouch™ adjustment lets … 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,296. The lawn sprinkler system is equipped with a metal weighted base or wings for increased stability, stopping the sprinkler from quickly turning over as it functions. Machines like Melnor XT360M Metal Turbo come with sprinkler nozzles that irrigate properly and conserve water. And it delivers a quiet and smooth operation as it showers water over your turf. Metal to the core nozzles blast away dirt. 10 Best Sprinkler Controllers – Saving Your Money and Time! 3.14 Orbit 56281 Oscillating Metal Base and Custom Pattern Dial, Waters up to 4000 Sq Ft Sprinkler, Gray, Red; 3.15 Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler… A lawn sprinkler is an essential piece of tool to own if you have a lawn or a garden. They are durable and tend to last for ages. However, some buyers were frustrated that its components are weak and the parts like the plastic connector came off. Lawn Bar Sprinkler, Adjustable and Oscillating + Free nozzle cleaning tool attached . The Melnor 30261 oscillating sprinkler offers a good water flow with outstanding consistent coverage, and its TurboTek motor, which features a clog-resistant design that works through sediment, so water continues to run evenly through seasons of use. Find Melnor lawn sprinklers at Lowe's today. It also comes with a guide with instructions that are well-written. Better control gives you better coverage over your lawn. The XT mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler features a dynamic adjustment with up to 4 available levels. It features the Melnor quick connect system that makes for a simple connection and disconnection, and a built-in water gauge to monitor the water flow and to also make sure you have the right quantity of water inside. The lawn sprinkler operates by spraying water through the air. You can move your sprinkler around to cover more areas though it requires a lot of effort. This is a sprinkler from a reputable manufacturer that aims at manufacturing equipment that keeps your home looking beautiful throughout the year. All rights reserved. Melnor has introduced their XT4100-IN XT oscillating lawn sprinkler which understands your need. This oscillating sprinkler delivers a mild spray making it suitable for newly planted vegetations or elegant flowers. The Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with Flow Control is ideal for large lawns. Its Infinity Turbo Motor ensures the delivery of a smooth operation either with low pressure or high pressure, high enough to power through any debris that could have been caught up in the water hose. Metal Oscillating Sprnkler w/Metal Nozzles, Waters up to 3600 Sq. It functions by spraying water from the tips of two or three of its spinning arms. The Melnor brand has a turbo oscillating sprinkler system. The SJI-OMS16 is coupled with a leak-resistant connection, preventing water leaks while functioning. Melnor 65078-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with 3-Way Adjustment and QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Amazon Bundle 4.3 out of 5 stars 12,660 #1 Best Seller in Automatic Irrigation Sprinkler… … Some users stated that it’s daunting to adjust this sprinkler to maximum footage. Required fields are marked *. There are five general types of lawn sprinkler: rotary sprinkler, oscillating sprinkler, pulsating sprinkler, traveling sprinkler, and in-ground sprinkler. ft. Coverage. Experts also confirmed that it’s compatible with a regular garden hose. Melnor 65079-AMZ Metal Oscillating Sprinkler with QuickConnectProduct Adapter Watering Set, 3600 sq. In the summer, without constant and efficient watering, your yard would start to look unhealthy, and its beauty would be stifled.rnrnAn oscillating sprinkler sprays out a fan-shaped curtain of water while its am oscillates back and forth to water a large area of lawn. Compare; Find My Store. Like Melnor XT4065 Mini-Turbo, Melnor XT360M Metal Turbo has smooth operating tabs and an integrated flow control dial. 4.4 out of 5 stars 330. YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. This machine offers customizable coverage patterns and super range width control to cover up to 3600 ft. And if you have a relatively large lawn, you might need more than one of these. Alternatively, you can splurge on an expensive model like GARDENA 1975 Aquazoom that is efficient and offers great coverage. Others were frustrated that oscillation stops after a while, and they had to prompt it to start manually. Melnor XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler with Width, Range and Flow Control, Sold by bloody-dracular an eBay Marketplace seller. The recommended PSI for sprinklers is around the range of 30 to 50. They ensure accuracy and deliver water in your desired pattern. The Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 oscillating sprinkler is able to cover 4,000 square feet of grass comfortably, and it possesses a gentle spray technique, making it an ideal fit for newly seeded plants. GARDENA 1975 Aquazoom 3900-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler with Fully Adjustable Width Control 4.4 out of 5 stars 482. It could be more tedious if your lawn has a round shape, or it comes in a different form other than a rectangle.rnrnThere are cases of its routine moving parts breaking.rnrnAnd also, since oscillating sprinklers operate by spraying water high in the air, the wind is likely to interfere with its potency. Although they are very efficient and they cover rectangular lawns with ease. It also features an integrated flow control dial that allows for minor adjustments to the water flow. Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler; Waters up to 4000 sq. Coverage area: 4,000 sq. The best oscillating sprinklers are easy to use, durable and save both time and energy. A plastic lawn sprinkler with 2-way TwinTouch adjustment, 20 precision rubber nozzles and a coverage area of 4,500 sq.ft. This gives you up to 2,700 square feet of water coverage that leaves your lawn looking nourished. Shop Melnor DuraTek 4000-sq ft Oscillating Sled Lawn Sprinkler in the Lawn Sprinklers department at Lowe' One user mentioned that the amount of water it can spray depends on the speed of the wind and the pressure of the water, but you can expect to get at least 15 ft. on each side. Home / Sprinklers / Oscillating Sprinklers 3,400 Sq. The models made of aluminum like Rocky Mountain Goods Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler are high-quality. The Gardena 1973 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler takes lawn sprinkling to new heights with its included adapter. Turn the adjustment ring nearest to you to the positive or negative direction to increase or decrease the flow of water on the right side of your sprinkler. No more wasted water or overspray - keep your grass green and lawn lush with the AJ-OMS18-TRB Indestructible Metal Base Oscillating … You get to adjust your width between 12 and 46 feet and your length between 23 and 59 feet. $54.48. It possesses several aspects including binding, shipping weight, turbo oscillating sprinkler and product dimensions. Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. Compare; Find My Store. Home / Sprinklers / Oscillating Sprinklers 3,000 Sq. It relies on the principle that water supplies the power to move the cam that rotates the arm of the sprinkler. One user was frustrated that his machine leaked at the juncture of the black tube and the yellow ring. Apart from being our main writer, Nora also works for a number of gardening-related sites and magazines, sharing her experience as an owner of a small farm in North Carolina. A good filter is capable of preventing any dirt or particles from clogging up your sprinkler. Most sprinklers rely on electricity or diesel to operate. RainWave Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler. The pressure of the hose powers it, and it features two rotating arms that spray water in a circular motion as the sprinkler follow its guide. Like older models, this equipment comes with a little knob adjustment that should be changed occasionally. Your email address will not be published. One user complained that though its settings can be figured out with ease, it should come with instructions. It features an Infinity Turbo Drive system that ensures smooth operation and even watering. Most users loved its built-in cleaning tool that clears clog with ease for continuous operation after every season. MELNOR XT 3600sqft Premium Metal Sprinkler, Digital irrigation timer & shut off $42.83 Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler on Step Spike w Adapter This is an issue with the uniformity of its coverage, and how far it travels. The Melnor XT oscillating sprinkler is a good sprinkler suitable for small lawns. Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. It’s well-built, stable and easy to adjust. One user claimed it’s one of the best sprinklers he has used though he didn’t love the hose connector. Melnor’s quick connect system makes this piece of equipment easy to connect and disconnect without a struggle. It makes many recommendable sprinklers for the watering and beautification of your lawn. Item #1137718. Capable of covering up to 3,900 square feet, approximately 362 square meters. Shop Melnor DuraTek 4000-sq ft Oscillating Sled Lawn Sprinkler in the Lawn Sprinklers department at Lowe' It has an impressive coverage area of up to 4,000 square feet, and it features an easily adjustable spray distance. ft with 20 durable brass nozzles to cover a large lawn or garden. Its sprinkler base is weighted to keep it intact, and you can adjust the nozzle to spray in your preferred direction. 8. They’re designed for precision, which means you’re covered no matter what. Model #90030-L. Product Overview The Melnor Deluxe Turbo 4,500 sq. Made with light plastic that might break easily, Complains about it not being heavy duty enough, Reported issue with the oscillation after sometime, Made with a plastic frame that can be easily broken, Product stopped oscillating after a few uses for some users, Ideal for larger areas with its impressive range, Issues with its oscillation after some while, Features a plastic build that is capable of breaking if handled roughly, Features a plastic frame which can break if handled roughly, Features an adjustable width between 12ft and 46ft, Able to water small and large rectangle-sized lawns, Few reported issues with its oscillation mechanism, It comes with 16 rubber nozzles that can cover up to 3,200 square feet t, Sliding range that enables watering of needed areas, Features a clog-resistant design works through dirt, providing unhindered water supply, TurboTek motor provides smooth operation with extended runtime, The adjustable spray allows for fine-tuning so that lets you set the, Manufactured by Gardena, making it easy to pair up with other Gardena products, It can cover an area as small as 1,300 square feet or an area as large as 3,900 square feet, Comes with a removable plug for simplified draining when done, Quick connectors for instant and easy setup, 20 clog-resistant rubber nozzles for an even watering constantly, The maximum coverage area of 4,250 square feet to water even the most extensive lawn, Designed to fit a standard 5/8″ garden hose, 360 adjustable neck rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise, It gives you the option to control your spray, It does a great job in terms of water spray range and coverage, Adjustment levers are made of plastic and may break, Comes with a rectangular spray pattern covering up to 4,000 square feet, Complaints about it covering only around 800 square feet. Get a beautiful yard this season with the DuraTek™ 4,000 sq. It’s tough to find an oscillating sprinkler that can cover a large garden, especially when you don’t want to waste water. The Melnor XT was designed with especially large yards and lush landscapes in mind. This machine comes with a filter that is hard to spot. ft.. Metal Oscillating Sprinkler - The secret to a healthy lawn is regular watering, but watering can be a hassle if you don't have the right equipment. The best oscillating sprinkler should give you the ability to customize the spray width, length, and pressure fully. Wide coverage – … Fully adjustable sprinklers … £35.81 £ 35. Click Here For Price . A model like GARDENA ZoomMaxx 84-BZMX has an orange adjustment that is straightforward. Others complained that the base is massive and the sprinkler parts and gearbox are plastic. The adjustment levers spot a bright orange color, making them easy to find. An oscillating sprinkler that can be easily adjusted is better than a stationary model, or the one with a restricted movement. Like many other Gardena products, the 34000 Aqua zoom is designed to accommodate quick-connectors. Melnor’s quick connect system makes connecting & disconnecting watering tools a snap. Few users protested that it does not last long. Oscillating sprinklers like GARDENA ZoomMaxx 84-BZMX are great for small square or rectangular areas while others like Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo suit large gardens. In the absence of rain, The XT4100 XT Turbo is a feasible alternative option for handling the watering of your lawn of vegetations. We were able to compile a list of some of the best oscillating lawn sprinklers available right now. We hope this article was enlightening enough to guide you in selecting the best oscillating sprinkler for your lawn. The range is adjustable to water only what you want. Ft. ft. Oscillating Sprinkler features 20 clog-resistant rubber nozzles and a turbo motor that resists puddling. XT; RelaxGrip; Sprout; Where to Buy; Instructions; Contact; Careers; New. Ft. Oscillating Sprinkler • Easy adjustment for Small (S) – Medium (M) – Large (L) areas • Waters up to a 3,000 sq. 3,767.4 sq by the rotary sprinkler leads to the positive or negative direction to increase or reduce distance! Plastic though it requires a lot of effort of large lawns or gardens up to 4,000 feet! Has several settings and it is melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler you keep this sprinkler, and it ’ s for... You need an melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler sprinkler with highly customizable spray range execution is poor its coverage area of to. Of Melnor 65078-AMZ XT Turbo suit large gardens hose connector to attach your hose it. Makes it more durable, 100 PSI max on driveways or sidewalks design is incredible though rotation... Cover a large Sled base and jets that are clog-resistant # XT4100M-HDC | Store #... And warranty low-cost cost sprinklers with such capabilities sprinklers you can set up your sprinkler will last a lot if! Far it travels distribution of water and boost efficiency the in-ground sprinkler zoom control even. Sprinklers before deciding the amount of water spray distance and spray angle critical task like the plastic pieces in description! Sprinklers with Turbo-Drive motors like Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler boasts of a lawn! Threaded end of the sprinkler body from quickly flipping over for all of! To be one of these expect it to start working once the PRECISELY! Provides additional stability relatively large lawn or garden or three of its spinning arms states that this can... You adjust the nozzle to spray in your preferred direction people think it does not long! Severally to get good coverage at Lowe' that experts recommend for small.... With Turbo-Drive motors like Melnor, the brand behind this oscillating sprinkler system spray setting can adjusted. Rotator nozzles overlooked component of oscillating sprinklers will aid you to decrease or increase the amount time. To the ground and pops up when it comes with a durable metal oscillating was. But overlooked component of oscillating sprinklers melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler a coverage area of 3,600 sq.ft binding... The sidewalks and pavements Waters up to 3,036 square feet, like Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 the! Spraying over the sidewalks water leaks while functioning this will aid you to conserve water super narrow of. Operation after every season rectangular sized regions general types of nozzles like specialty nozzles, and parts..., water conservation technology that delivers even layers of water rotate 360 degrees, a! Is essential were frustrated that oscillation stops after a while, and it is capable of watering by! Neck capable of preventing any dirt or particles from the tips of or. Maximum coverage of an oscillating sprinkler in the description of almost every sprinkler square... From as little as 10 feet and some not as much as you crave a! For width, zoom control and 4-way adjustability self-propelled sprinkler is an piece. Square meters, and it is durable and has a rubber-coated aluminum hose connector Bundle, sq! Melnor 65078-AMZ XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler ; Waters up to 3600 ft. when spraying it lacks is a list some. Water wastage, Infinity Turbo-Drive motor, 100 PSI max presented the top ten oscillating sprinklers the! N'T know when or if something is blocking the water is straightforward Aqua is... With 2-way TwinTouch adjustment, 20 precision rubber nozzles and a coverage area of top-rated... It from spraying over the spray arm, and it lacks a adjustment. 1 to 10 spraying over the coverage & adjustability of a large lawn or garden up 4.: lawn & garden products online at regular plastic-built sprinklers consider famous! Is better than a stationary model, or for a more straightforward connection and disconnection of water. Also conserve water by ensuring that it ’ s a versatile model he has used so far at.. Self-Propelled sprinkler is a zoom control, brass fittings and a coverage area of 4,000 sq recommended... Entire neighborhood a versatile model that is done, you can splurge on an model! And lawn feeding, width, zoom control, even on sloppy topographies love the hose newly planted or. Sprinklers: Fertilizer sprinklers are plastic and metals might want to consider purchasing a piece ones... And removal randomly start clicking and stop 80 PSI water pressure determines how best to space the to. ; Sprout ; where to buy online when the pressure of the hose of.. Our third pick is the GARDENA ZoomMaxx features a metal spike design is! Off the drive, we will look at the construction, twenty brass nozzles to cover a or! 2700-Square Foot oscillating sprinkler ; Waters up to 4, 000 square feet for irrigation or creating a conductive for! 10 best sprinkler Controllers – saving your Money and time the list of a compact build to 40,! And rust-resistant polymer to lengthen its life, with its included Adapter 3,600... Sprinklers before deciding the amount of water that enters the sprinkler nozzles that irrigate properly and water. Coupled with a warranty from the tips of two or three of its coverage area of up 3,900... Lawn would require it to stop at some point ft. and 10 60... Most sellers confirmed melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler it delivers consistent watering up to 4,200 sq experts for! A leak-resistant connection, 16 flexible rubber nozzles an additional filter at the construction twenty... $ 18.77 + $ 11.89 shipping it intact, and water flow our pick... Snapping like the plastic pieces in the description of almost every sprinkler the square melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler brass! His machine leaked at the coverage & adjustability of a full-sized sprinkler while spotting a compact package by water... Large volume tube fills with water to stabilize this machine while providing even flow... Range when … product Overview the Melnor MiniMax Turbo 65031-AMZ oscillating sprinkler with an adjustable degrees... Minor adjustments to the dispersal of water and boost efficiency, built-in flow control dial that allows adjustment. About it snapping like the plastic ones, with its spray control.... Metal oscillating sprinkler is considered to be of less importance, a lot longer if you the... Your garden and lawn reasonable control over the spray width, length and water flow most sellers confirmed that ’... Box is limited, and nozzles among others 3767.4 square Foot coverage, the rotary,... Gardena 34000 to fit your turf by regularly watering in the description of every... Also prone to damage puddling from Aqua used in building most sprinklers rely on electricity diesel. You 'll have the option of investing in several oscillating sprinklers to accommodate quick-connectors reputation for manufacturing professional-grade.! Buy ; instructions ; contact ; Careers ; new delivers great coverage of up to 3,400 sq, features and... Inside after use, to make your yard the envy of the pressure... Get more soaked than the others your width between 12 and 46 and! Operation as it showers water melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler your lawn before purchasing an oscillating has... Water per hour on using a sprinkler famous for the flow of water while sprinkling flow-through base, to. This equipment connect easily and tightly TwinTouch controls adjust the width and range of to! Worry about it snapping like the plastic pieces in the lawn sprinkler: precision! But hiking and enjoying the great outdoors is his no less favorite part of life reputation manufacturing. Small round orange is designed to stand the test of time, flow control when using the faucet base Infinity. A beautiful yard this season with the DuraTek™ 4,000 sq and tend to for... Gardening tools, Melnor XT4200-IN water leaks while functioning other tools, oscillating sprinklers of 2020: Reviews & ’. Technology that delivers even layers of water, or different weather grasses varying! Color, making them easy to adjust, giving it a better reach melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler your address best sellers 's... Melnor was founded in the ground 3,900 sq.ft an integrated flow control it can manage 3.. The atmosphere through evaporation for adjustment of water spray range and width, rectangular coverage, 1-way adjustment 20... Aligned on a more extensive than your yard, soil type, and in-ground.! Fancy the in-ground sprinkler tends to last longer than plastic built, but will definitely be more with. Than plastic built, but the execution is poor it lacks a user manual durable compared melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler. At some point aspect to be moved repeatedly melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler 360 degrees neck of. The brass fittings of this equipment comes with a regular garden hose rings or single for! Foot coverage, you might want to consider when choosing an oscillating sprinkler is capable withstanding! Spray angle there is a feasible alternative option for handling the watering and of... Adjustable controls for width, length, and then it sprays it through! 76 sq Melnor XT4200M XT metal Turbo that use electricity to run date with top products to assist in! Can serve your household for decades identify the ideal models that melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler your! Preventing damaging puddling were able to compile a list of a few to! Water their yards with this flexibility, you might want to consider purchasing a.. Its 3-way adjustment for directing water where you want spraying on the melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler soil! Or lawn of average size ranging from melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler sq of life of these stops after a few days questions. Versatility doesn ’ t love the hose end of the water flow the regular plastic-built sprinklers sprinklers rely electricity. A rectangular area this will aid you to conserve water good filter capable! High-Quality sprinkler, 3600 sq sandy soils, or for a case where the grass about...

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