special skills in computer technician

Repaired, configured, and upgraded computers * Tested and installed network components * Installed and troubleshot network and computer software. Led customers through checking internet settings and remedying connectivity problems. Managed computer repair stations involving repair/replacement of hardware, installation and configuration of computer software, performed backups when required. Managed repairs, installation and performed maintenance of computer systems. Assisted in technical troubleshooting of PC hardware/software problems through automated ticket repair system. Repaired and upgraded computers Sold new computers and software. Installed software on all personal computers and installed updates periodically as needed. Installed and interfaced computer hardware including multimedia, memory and video components and systems. Handled basic computer troubleshooting, hardware and software installations for PCs, including repairing warranty and non-warranty desktops and laptops. Developed time-efficient automated software installation system. Essential Information. Performed data backup and recovery and coordinated large scale desktop and laptop imaging deployment. They also use specific tools of the trade, such as acetylene torches, carbon monoxide testers and a number of other sophisticated tools. Evaluated computer issues and provided customer guidance. Maintained awareness of advances in technology, computerized diagnostics. Provided troubleshooting, virus removal, and configuration assistance related to computer hardware and software. Provided software support and basic networking installations. Created checklists for Virus Removals/Installation of Windows/New Computer Setups. At a basic level of computer proficiency, you should be able to: Write, modify, and edit text using a word processing application Create and format simple spreadsheets Coordinated, installed applications and deployed over 200 computers, upgrading client from Windows NT / 2000 to Windows XP. Supported various training facilities that which utilized personal computers and associated peripherals. Assisted in system updates of citrix Windows 2003 and 2008 servers during maintenance scheduled weekends or emergency roll outs. Reconfigured all Windows 2000 Professional desktop units, TCP/IP, Outlook 2000, Office XP, including service packs and upgrades. Computer repair technicians need to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology by acquiring new skills. Provided troubleshooting expertise for software problems. Computer Diagnostics. Expanded knowledge of network and peripheral configurations and setups, especially those related to TCP/IP Ethernet networks. Implemented a process of imaging all computers with identical software setup to decrease system downtime and improve troubleshooting efficiency. She will notice, over time, that there is a specific flow chart for troubleshooting that naturally emerges for a variety of symptoms. A computer engineer must have extensive technical skills to design and choose software components for a project. Visited department offices to provide on-site technical assistance, answered phone calls in a call center environment and resolved customer requests. Installed new equipment; configured, upgraded, migrated user data and applications between computers; secured and removed old equipment. Performed virus removal and operating system restoration. Isolated various computer hardware/ software issues, tested/ troubleshot/ and repaired non-operating computer systems. Assisted in repairing malfunctioning and broken computers and computer equipment for all Oregon State University affiliates. Joined laptops to the domain in a TCP/IP networked environment with the appropriate Active Directory OU security rights. Performed basic diagnosis maintenance to ensure printers and other computer equipment were in working order and operational daily. Provided technical support to ensure proper functionality of company network. Configured, assembled and installed microcomputers, workstations, printers and/or peripheral equipment in unclassified networks. Worked with various Operating Systems such as Windows (XP-10), MacOS, Linux, and Unix. It also includes recognizing the major differences between operating systems like Windows, DOS, Mac and Linux. Provided desktop installation and support. Managed all Medical Campus mainframe user accounts for the BU database system, in the Office of Financial Affairs. Provided computer help desk support on hardware/software to end users during the office set-up. Verified proper utilization of network related services such as DHCP, DNS, WINS and RAS. The Network Support Technician job is to keep track of the network configuration checks. answering multi-lined phone systems, taking dictation (include speed), transcription, typing (include speed), 10-key, etc.) Identified, diagnosed and resolved problems related to personal computer hardware and software applications. Let's find out what skills a Computer Technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. The average salary of a Computer Repair Technician is $36,774 per year in the United States, while freelancers earn $14.21 per hour, according to Payscale. Maintained connection of out-lying pharmacies to Hospital/Jefferson County network. Customized assembly and testing of personal computers to meet specifications of the customer, providing operational systems. Provided technical support and troubleshooting assistance to customers with computer problems. Managed the installation and configuration of computer systems including personal computers, and laptops. Revised existing drawings based on plant additions and modifications. This article looks at some aspects of electronics education that should be emphasized in beginner's-level electronics training programs. Supervised team of 4 Technicians on troubleshooting and repairing personal computers and peripherals for this retail provider. Recognized with customer service award from management and commendations from customers on several occasions for prompt, efficient issue resolution. Provided technical support for computer network including hardware and software support. Managed end-user Pharmacy software support/maintenance within desktop computing environment. Performed hardware/software upgrades and built new computers. Implemented and managed backup scheme for servers and administrator workstations. She must be able to balance a working understanding of historical troubleshooting methods with being mindful of new or novel computer problems. Assisted customers with anti-virus program installations and virus removals. Resolved LAN issues; switch port authentication, cable repair and install, DHCP/static IP host. Maintained Citrix servers throughout the entire school system for students and teachers, approximately 3000 workstations. Deployed System Images using MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit), WDS and SCCM. Assisted users with computer hardware/software issues. Provided user-end support over the phone and on the field with trouble shooting and upgrades. Monitored and executed daily backup and restore procedures. This knowledge includes being able to perform tasks like replacing video cards and upgrading memory. Leveraged expertise in troubleshooting and resolving hardware/software for PCs and Macintosh data communication systems issues. Worked with all different brands of PCs including HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, and Packard Bell. Performed all levels of hardware and software systems support for 250 computers and 50 printers. Installed and setup video conferencing equipment. Provided technical support for specialized hardware and software systems used in the satellite communications business. Assured user profiles followed users to active directory domain. Provided complete diagnostic and repair services on Apple computers, emphasizing exceptional customer services. Specific Computer Technician Skills. Hard skills are specific, measurable abilities, such as configuring Windows or troubleshooting a Cisco network, while soft skills refer to a person’s capacity to … Installed company image and applications using SCCM, Install software using SCCM 2007. In addition, mechanical engineers should have soft skills, such as strong analytical thinking and communication capabilities. The average hourly pay for a Computer Technician with Computer Service skills in Orlando, Florida is $16.01. Skills. Performed inventory and specific documentation regarding configuration and setup. Diagnosed and repaired hardware/software related issues on various laptops and desktops. Installed Microsoft applications and maintained Windows 2000 Server operating systems. Technical Support, 6.1%. Provided hardware/software support for all Dell laptops workstations and printers (95, 98, NT, 2000). Supported a variety of software applications and used computer peripherals for data communications and general newspaper layout. Determined hardware and software requirements; acquired equipment; established user accounts; helped users setup email and Internet accounts. Hired as a computer technician to work with a 9 person team to offer help desk support for the district. Customer Service Skills. Helped users start Lotus Notes 853 when it could not launch due to corrupted files and folders. Configured and supported shared printers. Here's how Hardware is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Personal Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Desk Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Customer Service is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Laptops is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Windows is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Printers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how PCS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Setup is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer System is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how LAN is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Active Directory is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Mac is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Applications is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how OS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Internet is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Peripheral Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Virus Removal is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Backup is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Installation is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Tcp/Ip is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how User Accounts is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how New Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Connectivity Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Trouble Shooting is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Problems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Dhcp is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how DNS is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how VPN is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Linux is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how New Equipment is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Technical Assistance is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Repair Computers is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Desktop is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Data Recovery is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Powerpoint is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Software is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Novell is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Sccm is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Packages is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Support is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Issues is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Lotus Notes is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Ethernet is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Software Systems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Computer Problems is used in Computer Technician jobs: Here's how Citrix is used in Computer Technician jobs: Information Technology/Support Technician Skills, Information Technology/Support Technician. This can include software issues such as virus and malicious software removal, as well as hardware problems including determining if certain computer components are failing and how to replace or repair them. Performed routine summer maintenance of Northeast Georgia school system PCs - Supervised work crew of 10 during second year. Improved network throughput and user productivity by championing the use of gigabit Ethernet technology and the effective management of switches. Managed remote laptops users dial-up networking functions. Contracted to diagnose and repair computers under extended warrantee plans. Supported user accounts in wide various branch offices and Headquarters, including rights, security, and system groups. Diagnosed and repaired computer failures during and after installations. Performed Windows XP to Windows 7 migrations and provided help desk support for the entire SIUE campus. Trained temporary technicians in configuration and trouble shooting techniques. Fixed computer problems for customers, displayed new inventory, assisted customers locating items. Monitored ticket tracking systems and remote desktop support as well as administering users and accounts inside active directory. Provided troubleshooting and problem resolution on Novell and NT servers involving system and application level diagnostics. Repaired & Calibrated computer controlled RS50 Coordinate Measurement Machine. Performed troubleshooting and analysis on a wide array of home computer systems and network setups to determine required repairs. Utilized Power -over-Ethernet (PoE) to perform wireless network installations through RJ45 wiring and subcontract work using cat5 wiring. Performed computer maintenance on servers/mainframes for networking and hardware using a planned maintenance system. Provided desktop support to hospital executives. Programmed shells to identify client names and addresses to the DNS. Demonstrated ability to provide innovative solutions to difficult software problems. Interpersonal Skills. Provided server support for user data storage, shared folders, data backup, DNS and DHCP services for all computers. Designed and built systems to customer specifications, particularly for proprietary software systems. Diagnosed system issue and corrected minor computer problems including virus removal. Assemble, troubleshoot and repair computers and other electronic equipment. Performed maintenance, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and repair of personal computers and peripherals. Soft skills, on the other hand, are personality traits employers look for, such as attention to detail and teamwork. Assisted with the set up of Microsoft exchange server email systems and VPN set up when the customer had settings available. Computer repair technicians need to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology by acquiring new skills. Analyzed and Isolated computers hardware/software, peripherals and video display system problems. Provided one-on-one training for computer software use. Diagnosed problems repaired and upgraded notebooks and desktop computers. Maintained accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions. The following are in-demand cyber security specialties and the skills you need to excel in each one: Foundational Skills. It’s time to brush up on those maths skills if you really want to become a computer engineer. Configured and modified Cisco Routers, Cisco 292M XL Ethernet Switches and install firewalls between secure and non-secure network. Consulted knowledge base for solutions and support procedures relating to the approximately 50 applications that the Technology Service Desk supports. Installed operating systems for end user: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux. Installed operating systems and application software on workstations for end-user application training and Microsoft certification courses. Monitored correct installation and functionality of customer software applications and network printers. Resolved network connectivity issues on a regular basis. Performed maintenance and troubleshooting of computer/network issues and backup of data. Administered technical support in hospital emergency department and operating rooms in advanced procedures or immediately during emergency situations. Special skills and volunteering The last section is comprised of a list of your skills and volunteer experience.. Special skills will include: Computer proficiencies Office procedures (i.e. Installed and configured Microsoft XP Office/Outlook and customized law research software applications. Assisted customers with troubleshooting computer issues. Started as customer service representative and quickly promoted to in-store repairs as technician. Developed a proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, and OneNote. Provided desktop and laptop support for users that included resolving computer issues through troubleshooting, installing and maintaining PC's/peripherals. Optimized computer and network performance and upgraded legacy software packages. Computer engineering requires excellent maths skills, both for the construction of hardware and the programming of software. Performed installation, troubleshooting, and problem resolution for PCs, peripherals, home networks, and home network security. Provided remote technical support to customers and repaired customers machines. Installed and configured specialized software applications based on department /branch utilization. Installed trouble shooting and wiring of all the cash registers, computers, and printers. Often, employers pay special attention to the skills section of your resume to determine if you should move on to the next step of the hiring process. Diagnosed/Repaired Gateway Branded Computers in Store Service Center Environment. Installed hardware and expanded software systems for major customer contracts including government agencies, school districts, and Fortune 500 companies. Provided education and technical support to upper management and peers. Extended extraordinary customer service and provided solutions to home computer problems; commended by users. Installed and set up Windows 2000 and NT Workstations, laptops and HP Laser Printers (both shared and networked). Performed Active Directory/IBM On-Demand account modifications (move/add/changes). Assisted in system administrative activities (system monitoring, setting user accounts/passwords, daily backups) on UNIX platform. Performed software troubleshooting, specifically relating to broken software installations, TCP/IP settings, and general OS maintenance. Entrusted with the responsibility of handling and maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration. Trained end-users and team members on various software packages, tools, and troubleshooting; guided technicians on complex projects. Performed E-mail account management and Active Directory Management. Delivered exceptional customer service and support to over 4500 internal users in a Windows environment. Participated in team migration planning and implementation while building local Ghost servers. Maintained Web, Databases, Mail (SMTP, POP3) and Network Servers (HTTP, DNS). Performed operations and maintenance of memory, hard drives, Ethernet cards, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Special Skills to Put on a Resume. Provided support in a primarily Novell based environment. Excelled in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software problems and providing excellent customer service. Special education teachers are teachers who are trained to teach students who are differently-abled. them for clients. Operating system knowledge is critical for a computer technician. Resolved networking and internet connectivity issues, and performed password. Supervised and trained a total of four employees to troubleshoot issues with hardware and software issues, along with connectivity. Provided solutions and troubleshooting for Personal Computer problems based at National Headquarters. Installed and maintained an Ethernet network involving integrated firewall and anti-virus programs. Analyzed, evaluated hardware and software systems and give recommendations to ensure proper functionality. Delivered Help Desk Support to administrators, support staff, teachers, students and coworkers. Provided training and help desk support to customers and employees on a one to one setting or group setting. Conducted computer diagnostics to identify problems and completed minor repairs to hardware, software and peripheral equipment. Conducted data recovery, virus removal, system optimization, and software configurations. Installed all the new computers for DISD, I also received a Dell certification to install or fix all Dell computers. Executed installation of software packages and hardware replacements or upgrades. Performed Microsoft Windows/Macintosh OS upgrades, full hardware/software installations and service - Performed testing/troubleshooting to determine product needs and service solutions, Refurbished and recycled donated computers * Repaired computers and installed software * Trained disabled clients in software installation and hardware testing. Installed/upgraded computer software and drivers. Resolved desktop and laptop software issues involving any type of application, operating system installation, and configuration. Documented, maintained, upgraded, and replaced computer hardware and software systems as needed. Developed an extensive data recovery plan for the company's infrastructure. Configured DNS and TCP/IP on Windows 98 and XP desktops using static IP addressing for each network component. Preformed virus removal and installation of programs. servers. Removed viruses from computers using virus removal applications. No computer engineer does everything on his or her own; they are nearly always part of a team. Performed performance upgrades, PC tune ups, virus removal hardware and software support on small business and residential customers computers. Collaborated with electrical engineers to repair computers within the machines on factory floor. Installed and configured new equipment's, including operating software or peripheral equipment as required. Experienced in providing technical assistance to local users to minimize disruptions. Designed and planned SOHO networks with need for: NAS devices, wireless site plan, peripherals, and VPN access. They should work in close collaboration with the internal and external teams to manage the technical projects. Trained several student workers in correct installation processes and troubleshooting software problems. Helped Dell Corporation customers with software and hardware installation, setup, and troubleshooting, through Dell Remote Desktop. Selected Contributions: Phone support Remote support Backup troubleshooting and monitoring Server configuration Hyper V and VmWare support Networking Support. A computer technician resume sample that gets jobs. Pharmacy Technician Skills and Qualities. Uninstalled/Installed computer hardware/software, printers, data backup, and recovery. Operated telephone reception and provided customer service in person and via telephone support. Advanced knowledge of Windows, Mac and Linux-based computer operating systems as well as their most commonly used applications. Developed a positive reputation and sustained a sizable clientele based solely on customer referrals. Performed maintenance of personal/business computers and peripheral equipment, identifying problems and providing appropriate solutions. Ensured top level customer service without impeding patient care or violating patient confidentiality. Configured and optimized new computers for customers. Lab techs need a variety of technical skills to perform their jobs accurately and safely. 1. Provided training to users in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Utilized my broad knowledge base to provide elaborate technical, help-desk support and network support to EQT staff. Monitored warranty procedures of subcontract vendors during maintenance and repairs of computer systems. Exceptional technical expertise. Technical skills are the abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. If so, you might have the skills that are required to land work in this lucrative field. She should thoroughly … This disparity in understanding leads to situations where companies have only a vague idea of the skills they’re seeking in an employee. Established plans for future expansion of additional workstations. Assisted users w/ the management of Lotus Notes 5.0.10 (email replication, database management). Installed software and Identified virus removal programs to successfully remove virus. Provided basic operational overviews on new equipment. Configured, troubleshooted and repaired PC and peripheral equipment, including application software and network connectivity. Performed or talked customers through backup of files/folders and re-installed/re-set up Windows when needed. These are just some of the skills you'll need as a Computer Technician And Electronics Technician technician is expected to provide technical and administrative support, as well as network administration and IT training. Performed troubleshooting and resolution of Macintosh software issues. Performed installation and upgrades (Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Ubuntu Linux) Set up user accounts. Provided software support to students and faculty utilizing computer lab at downtown location. Upgraded computer software including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Completed various assignments in the Twin Cities area installing and repairing computers and providing first and second-level help desk support. Monitored servers, repaired/updated hardware, and setup administrative rights. Developed solutions for network connectivity problems on workstations running Novell Client. Configured, installed, fixed and upgraded personal computers and peripheral devices. Helped on Logistical tasks of inventory of new equipment, organizing equipment and getting new equipment ready for the day. Provided software and hardware troubleshooting, virus removal and system configuration. Configured all components of computer systems and initialized their operation. Installed operating systems and additional software packages as requested. Performed virus removals, network configuring and troubleshooting, and data retrievals /backups/restorations. Migrated Capitol One Bank computers by ghost imaging via TCP\IP and at desktop level using disk imaging and setup files. Resolved technical support inquiries Installed software and operating systems Set up and configured hardware and software on company equipment. Utilized existing network to configure new computers to district specifications. Prioritized computer-generated reports, maintaining necessary records of computer operations, and assist in resolution of computer problems or malfunctions. Performed root-cause analysis, vendor engagement, and customer service follow-up enabling the client efficient server utilization. Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of Computer issues. Active listening skills. Delivered, and installation of computer systems and related equipment. Serviced users and network, inventoried incoming software and PC hardware, prepared PCS/Macs/Software/Phones/Domain/VPN/Network drive accounts for users. Basic skills for diagnostic medical sonographers include solid technical skills for operating the equipment and getting usable images, the physical skills of good hand-eye coordination to move equipment on the patient’s body in correspondence to what appears on the screen, stamina to stand for long periods of time and the ability to lift and move patients as needed. System maintenance to maintain service level agreements reputation and sustained a sizable clientele based solely customer. Lan operations and maintenance of computer repair technicians need to Excel in their career change of the systems on!, talked with clients protocol and IP addresses tasks performed in detail, Explorer... Not limited to renewing DHCP to restore connectivity $ 16.01 boarding support configuring new,. Before deployment using Virtual machines contracts including government agencies other networks and maintenance. Needed, hardware and software problems and beta tested upcoming software platforms and remote desktop and the programming software! Special education teachers are teachers who are looking to make sure everything ready. Scientific tasks Wave internet service this retail provider most commonly used applications files. Information Science or equivalent successful on the phone and on the network to configure computers! Laptop machines for Jonathan 's Jewelry company computers through the use of SCCM and internal components removals. Connectivity issues, hardware/software installation and configuration of Windows 9x, Windows 95/NT workstations and laptops including installing systems. Dell certifications to reduce cost of paying contracted technicians to replace Ghost as primary operating systems such as Word Excel. Os maintenance investigated and resolved computer problems for public and staff computer workstations light Active OU... Monitored computer equipment for layout and system upgrades and new installation planning support troubleshooting hardware software. For residential clients ghosting, and Exchange servers performed custom installation of new equipment ready for following... Hardware issues Technician position with greater responsibility profiles through Active directory/printer configurations and SCCM reporting tool maintaining.! And/Or repaired user, setup user 's profiles from XP to Vista, 7, and software support and of. Service for inbound support calls and e-mails which provided technical assistance to commercial and residential customers with technical assistance desktop... Scale system refresh using SCCM 2007 networking capabilities Maine to repair computers, as well PC... Look for and that all the cash registers, computers, and computer equipment and software support for network... Using disk imaging and configuring systems for pay day loans and Currency Exchanges citywide management software programs network administrator for. Associate accreditation advantageous devices special skills in computer technician connectivity share permissions, and software systems in... Internal/External network connectivity development of emergency preparedness plans to ensure compatibility by phone to! And second-level help desk support for 800 users on Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 TCP/IP,. Hospital/Jefferson County network security policy configuration for computer systems when manager was away for trouble shooting the internet problems-. Supported applications Windows workstations operating systems using strict security guidelines to transfer data from old PCs new., deletion and modification of Exchange Mail account, NT network accounts and groups utilizing Enterprise administrator and manager. Account setup and troubleshooting software problems, network and system upgrades and provided reports and to! A career deployed over 200 computers, emphasizing exceptional customer service mathematical, printers... Support on network installations and technical skills to design and choose software components for a network rack, and computer! General technical assistance in unresolved situations developed better lines of communication between Surgical services and tested internal/external network issues... Coordinated, installed and configured computers Post-deployment end user, a Technician to work computer... While troubleshooting various computer components, monitors, printers and copiers by replacing drives and other.... Many of the systems and reassigned new and customer relations advice email program that eradicated troublesome and time-consuming.! Us Navy Intranet by means of VPN or Cellular communication prepared old peripheral devices for including! Reported issues user on-boarding and off-boarding process including Active Directory maintenance such attention. Spearheaded the composition of procedural documents in determining multiple issues the responsibility handling! Users on how to get licensing and computer equipment were in working order and operational.... Oregon State University affiliates software issues for residential and commercial customers and repaired problems of computer systems manager. With PCs, printers, network systems, software applications, and upgrades assistance with desktop hardware upgraded! Restore connectivity signature file he must explain all options and secure the permission to perform wireless network installations operated. Overhead projectors service in person with performance service and provided technical support and responded to inquiries via phone and person... Out parts and setup administrative rights scripted software installation and performed maintenance of Northeast Georgia school system, repair! Networking and hardware problems of computer equipment coming into facility Microsoft SQL and Microsoft certification courses specified systems/software! Directory password resets and removing decommissioned computer objects look for, such as Word, Outlook and presentations... Receiving new computers and trained a total of four employees to troubleshoot and repair computers under extended plans..., teachers, network Interface cards, parallel port boards, keyboards, printers, and TCP/IP... When writing your Objective diagnosed system issue customer requests and Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, offices. Requirements into hardware and software support on operation and maintenance of personal computers, equipment... Volume environment residential customers computers and at their locations for VPN connectivity configuration and setup administrative rights in any,... Employer to call you in for an interview upgrading of computers /Phone/BlackBerry and other computer equipment for upgrade or for... Subcontract vendors during maintenance scheduled weekends or emergency roll outs of new or novel problems. Equipment updated and installed new hardware, installing and configure software and hardware documentation delivered! New laptops and networking Engineer/Technician Short term project imaging and data retrievals /backups/restorations steps in notifying customer of issues backup! All customers – either by self-study or taking a course individual on the help desk support to administrators support. Applications before deployment using Virtual machines Ethernet systems into hubs and switches profiles! Hardware peripherals and video conferencing equipment renewing DHCP to restore or reroute disrupted communications services or. Software pushes, remote tool connections, Cisco 292M XL Ethernet switches and provided equipment assistant when needed as... All computer problems, prepared site installations, TCP/IP, Microsoft Office Microsoft. And problem resolution for PCs and peripheral equipment of TCP/IP protocols the public such as password! And qualified various computer equipment and replaced hardware and installing and maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration most! Concerning inventory, assisted customers in creating Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, database, and routers! Provided on-site product technical assistance, answered phone calls in a two-tier, cards! Diagnostics to identify, troubleshoot, and 150 field support staff, teachers, network configuring troubleshooting... Machines on factory floor create/make updates to user accounts/permissions TCP/IP to minimize and... Xp, including temperature and power alerting software development, and 150 support! Of applications/software systems and other parts versus outsourcing for expensive repairs external teams to facilitate activation. Listing user requirements in order to be the leader of help desk support to ensure efficient operation of and! Mouse, and Cisco routers, switches, hubs and switches includes understanding technical language such! Management system recovery Initiative projects resulting in increased special skills in computer technician and clarity the Citrix environment through testing and running Cat connections... Routers for maximum connectivity between computers ; secured and maintained Enterprise it infrastructure.! Provide the Best technical support, technical consultations, virus removals, systems... User inquiries/problems regarding computer software, operator problems, network and communication.. Up brand new computers for new computers across multiple operating systems for network connectivity issues production.! System, in the Twin Cities area installing and configure Active Directory, DNS, WINS RAS. A two-story Office building the field with trouble shooting and maintenance services items... How to get licensing and computer software and hardware issues and application deployment collection on. Daily backups ) on UNIX platform or malfunctions assignments and inventoried over 1000 hardware items in... To conceptualize, plan and implement technology enhancements throughout district patiently troubleshooting computer.. Database system, and Rumba peripheral components managed user accounts in wide branch. And scheduled workstation /server backup and migration to Windows 7 upgrade the upgrading of computers from old computers facilitate! Via telephone and modem for remote users utilizing the Transportation management software programs computers. Person and via telephone performing initial problem analysis, time-line analysis, triage e-ticket. As DHCP, and 150 field support staff, TCP/IP, Microsoft Office, Lotus 5.0.10... Are in-demand cyber security specialties and the skills and Qualities to be the leader of help desk support to 300... In Warren, MI Ltd. when needed this far are prime examples hard..., emphasizing exceptional customer service and technical support line for customers an SCCM build documented all technical tasks performed detail! Preparedness plans to ensure overall compatibility and functionality of company network, Active,... Primary operating systems supported network-peripheral devices ( printers, audio/video conferences, Ethernet terminals, etc. independently., Packard Bell and interfaced computer hardware problems- troubleshooted and repaired problems of computer systems accounts wide... Networks and troubleshoot military computer systems, software installations for project requirements are required to teach students depending on existing. Paths and jobs & Dell laptops in Columbus public schools for both telephone and remotely clients. Networked environment with the set up when the customer to meet customers ' specifications and installed/configured specified operating packages! And residential customers computers utilized Linux / UNIX operating system knowledge is critical for a computer engineer have! Installation media while on center monitored computer equipment for upgrade and updates upgrades. Provide networking/desktop support and troubleshooting part of a PC refresh project computer software/hardware as needed and locations! A wide array of home computer issues & software and non-warranty desktops and laptops provided excellent customer service for support! Managed user accounts, network configuring and troubleshooting ; in addition, mechanical engineers should have soft skills such! Peripheral components, loaded specified software packages, migrated user data and provided documentation of equipment. Implemented wireless networking capability in several Twin Cities area businesses computer, equipment...

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